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Ampion is an organization dedicated to supporting young Africans creating innovative start-ups that are driving social and economic impact in their local communities.  We foster innovation in Africa  through engagement with the public and private sector, building strategic collaborations to enable the tech ecosystem and all its players.

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In the past six years, Ampion facilitated the foundation of more than  80 start-ups in 17 African countries  in diverse fields such as healthcare, mobile, agriculture, water and renewable energy.

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They are talking about us

“The Ampion program truly set the path for me towards my entrepreneurship journey. I gained the initial knowledge of how to run a business and access to a network of entrepreneurs from other countries that helped me develop my start-up, Accounteer.”

"The greatest part about the Ampion Venture Bus is the innovation it triggered - when you bring people together with the same passion, you create something unexpected and that’s exactly what Ampion did – created an enabling environment that stimulated innovation.”

“The Ampion Venture Bus was an unforgettable experience. Working together with people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and build a product in 7 days was so unique. Most of the people I met on the Venture Bus in 2015 are still very good networks that I can still count on today.”

Successful Projects

Our projects in Africa to amplify entrepreneurship

Startup Bus Africa

Venture Bus

The Venture Bus travelled across 16 countries with a total of 500 aspiring entrepreneurs from 37 countries.

Merck Accelerator


We designed the first health-tech startup accelerator with Merck in Nairobi, Kenya.

Africa Code Week


Africa Code Week empowered 1.3 million youth with basic coding skills across 35 African countries.

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

We curated a match-making process with Impact Investors and Social Entrepreneurs.

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Roina Atieno Ochieng

Community Leader at Google Developer Group Nairobi, Kenya 

"I was only 18 when I got the chance to go on the Venture Bus, and I owe that experience the skills and the mindset that I can build something that can change the world and that I have more than enough to convert my ideas to reality. That's irreplaceable. Thanks again Fabian"

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